2020 Jonathan B. Postel Award Winner: Onno W. Purbo, Ph. D

Topic Nov 20 to Feb 21 (12)

The prestigious Jonathan B. Postel Service Award was recently presented to Mr. Onno W. Purbo who’s known as the “Internet Liberator of Indonesia”.

After graduating from ITB, he continued his study in Canada to earn Master of Engineering degree from McMaster University in the field of semiconductor lasers and fiber optics and a PhD degree from University of Waterloo in the field of silicon devices and integrated circuit.

Mr. Purbo also pioneered the first internet connection at the Bandung Institute of Technology and used it to build Indonesia’s first educational network. He builds networks and improves internet access, while teaching his fellow Indonesians how to do it themselves. He also actively writes and authored more than 40 book titles. Some are available in English with related topics such as internet technology, Linux, network security, wireless internet, etc.

This Postel Award is the world’s highest award ever received by an Indonesian in the field of Internet. Mr. Purbo said that the award was never just about one person, but the entire community working together to change the world.

Congratulations Mr. Onno!



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