What is CEI?

Canadian Education International education is a means of information which is supported by the Embassy of Canada in Indonesia, Indonesia Canada Chamber of Commerce, the alumni and the institution – Canadian education institutions.

In addition to spreading the above information, the information center also provides other facilities.

Consultation for study in Canada, among others:

  • Information education system in Canada
  • Information requirements and application process for admission to schools in Canada
  • Information making study permit to study in Canada as well as other information

Library materials for reference, among others:

  • Calendar universities, colleges and other institutions
  • Calendar of special programs such as learning English and French
  • Registration form various institutions
  • Videos of Canada and its institutions
  • Multimedia presentations

Mission & Services

Our mission is to assist Canadian institutions to recruit the best students to their schools by performing the following services:

  • Act as an information hub about Canada and its education system to the general public thru education events & free counseling to students about their overseas study plan, school & study permit applications and pre-departure orientation.
  • Support Canadian institutions’ marketing visits to local schools & education agencies and/or coordinate seminar/information session for them.
  • Provide regular training to local education agencies and participate in their marketing & operational events.
  • Liaise with local education institutions thru regular school visits & fairs/expos.

Recent Trends & Accomplishments

  • Amidst current global slowdown, Indonesia remains the largest economy in South East Asia and is also the third highest growing economy in the world after China and India (within G20 major economy), with rate of growth slightly above 5% in 2014.
  • There are roughly 1.7 million high school graduates every academic year in Indonesia and it is estimated that around 80,000 Indonesian students are now studying overseas and there were close to 1,500 Indonesian students studying in Canada in 2013.
  • The number of study permits issued by the Canadian Embassy for Indonesian students has increased from year to year at a consistent rate of growth, which indicates a healthy momentum of growing interest for study in Canada. (The average total number of study permits issued per year is nearly 500 and the visa acceptance rate is approximately at 90%.)
  • CEI-Indonesia has the privilege to organize the Study in Canada Fair hosted by the Canadian Embassy consecutively twice a year since 2010. Combined with direct visits to our office and other marketing activities throughout the year, such as school expos & in-house seminars, CEI-Indonesia meets with approximately 2,500-3,000 students per year.